Zero Dawn of R&D

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HOW it works

It is a digital development environment integrated with its own repository (project data storage). It is designed for collaboration in the field of research, related education, engineering projects and any other R&D. Here is the concept in detail. 

The core of the platform is architecturally a powerful and fast repository with many functions, on which a clear and intuitive user interface is strung. A prototype of the product was created and technically designed, including interface integration, technical architecture. You can find last version of prototype by clicking the button on the left. 

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We are creating cloud-based digital platform with accompanying offline application. Our product implies All-inclusive concept for full life cycle of projects. Main core provides regular synchronization and cryptographic protection of private projects, as well as extensive tool for conducting projects of any nature by groups of scientists and specialists in the relevant fields. Platform provides opportunities for direct discussion and control by project administrators. The link leads to the Development map of the product.

Consistently following the planned path will lead to the product entering the global market, launching the project on an IPO at one of the international exchanges and incorporating into the active growth an innovative business model that has the potential to revolutionize traditional approaches to R&D and give the world new, much more effective technologies and ways of their development. Here you will find the financial model for the 1.5 year horizon.


Igor Dobrovolski
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Founder AND CEO

Igor Dobrovolski

PhD in Mathematics
We make this world a better place
CFO and investor relations

Kirill Levushkin

25-years experience in BIG4
We make this world a better place
Head of Development

Nikolai Viazovik

23-years exp in Software devs 
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Lead designer

Maria Plakhota

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